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Episode 6 – Cloud Club

Its Friday and time for a new Episode of KneeDeepinTech with me and @Arcticdba! This time we have moved our “studio” to Jönköping and are visiting some of our colleagues. They have started what the call a “Cloud Club” to discuss everything related to cloud in

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My review of HP X3

A while ago I wrote a piece on my employers blog (Link – In Swedish) about how I tried to work a week with nothing but my Microsoft Lumia 950XL and the Continuum dock that came with it. My conclusion of

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A week with Continuum for Phone

(This post were originaly posted at in Swedish. This is just a quick translation without pictures (so sorry for any errors) – but I wanted to share my experiences with my English-speaking community friends as well. If you have any questions regarding

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The one with Windows Phone 8.1

Great things about Windows Phone 8.1: Calendar is truly great now with detailed week view, for me the best improvement so far. Start screen, I try to keep it tidy, so for me more space for tiles is not really

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Just one thing!

Screenshots on Windows Phone 8.1 are now take using Power+Volume up! Just to let you know! //Simon

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A day with Cortana

So, finally, the day! The day that could change my life, I got a new friend! My wife has one, since a few years ago. But, she has never really liked me, and I can’t say that I like her

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