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I’m currently working on the third tool in my “WaaS toolbox”-project. This tool will be used in the beginning of every new feature roll-out, but could be used for quality updates as well. The plan were to have at least a first release done this week, but due to the unpredictability of children, it will more likely be release next week.

The script will fetch information from Intune, again using Graph, and based on that create a compatibility test-group. The goal would be that this group should include users and devices that covers all possible configurations when it comes to hard, apps, profiles and network segments, and in total be around 10-15 % of your total estate.

I’m done with the first part which would be to gather all unique hardware models – and im currently finalizing the first draft for apps and applications. I wont share the code today, as i’m not 100 % happy with it and would need the entire overview done before I feel ready to share anything. However, to keep on working, I would like some feedback:

  • First, is this kind of tool something that you feel the need for?
    • What’s your view on the compatibility pilot, should it be recreated for each feature update or reused for everyone? If the latter is your preferred choice, should I even keep working on the script?
  • Second, what other variables would you be interested in – other than hardware, apps, networks and profiles?
  • Third, currently I’m adding a user and all of its Windows-devices to the pilot group. I feel that this would give the user more consistency. Would you rather see that I only added the user, or only one or a few of that users devices?

Also, any general feedback in this matter is most welcome! Please feel free to comment this post, ping me on Twitter (@Bindertech) or reach out via mail or LinkedIn.

Would you like to know more about the script or WaaS in general? Again, reach out to me! I’m more than happy to share any insights or even the incomplete script in that way.

Thank you for your feedback!

As a Solution Architect, Simon inspires customers, partners and colleagues to create the best possible workplace for their users. His main focus is the Windows platform – but todays workplace consists of so much more than that. As an MCT he is passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge. He’s a frequent speaker, blogger and podcaster – as well as a penguin fanatic.

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